Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jaanaki jaane: Dhwani

Jaanaki jaane : Dhwani Music Codes

Can you believe that this wonderful song was composed and written by 2 Muslims? Can you believe the director of the film too was a Muslim? I know there is no barrier for music as such...But I shud say thanks to them all

Music director: Naushadji
Lyricist: Yusafali Kecheri
Film director: Abu AT

Ee mahaanmarkku vandanam.
This song the male version is sung by KJY and female version by Susheelamma. There is nobody who doesnt like this. I feel I am inside a temple when hearing this song with my eyes closed.

Etho vikaarathil ninnum prachodanam konda ente paattu ningalkku vendi samarppikkunnu..Comments are welcome..
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Shanks_P said...

Hi Divz,
Dared to listen to ur version of song from Dhweni. You got a nice voice ....keep up ur gud work ...will be frequenting here :)


divya said...

Thanks Shanks

Venugopalan CV said...

You use the voice dynamics to good effect. And your observation on the absence of borders between faiths esp. in music is apt.

sneha said...

divya..there is great improvement in ur singing.. and ur voice is very goog..keep on singing...all the very best..

Prasanna said...

Nice voice,good voice modulation & great feel in your song.Nice singing. Take little more care in breath control- for that keep on practesing. May God bless you in fulfilling your ambition in singing.

ശ്രീഹരി::Sreehari said...

this one is also good :)

Ashly A K said...


I don't think this was written by any of these people,I am not sure. Since i heard this same song in different ragas in different occasions in North Indian and in Karnataka. Please let me know if you need this song sung by Shobaha

divya said...

Dear Ashley,

I have not heard ths song before ; first time hearing in ths movie..Do u have any idea on the origin of the lyrics?? ANd ya pls do send me that song too..I wud love to hear that..


Ashly A K said...

Please find the same in